Relationship Connections Are the Focus This Week

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This week’s focus is on relationships, whether it is love, friendship, family or business connections. Although, this is not a week you want to move forward with anything relationship related seeing as we’re at the most narly point in the Mercury Retrograde shadow. This week will be testy and this next coming weekend you’ll want to lay low and hide out somewhere.

Soul connections will be the focus of the week since the Mars and Mercury Retrogrades prompt others to evaluate the connections they’re currently in. You might be internalizing serious feelings and thoughts. You’ll be asking questions about what’s missing in some of your connections, what can be improved, or if the relationship has run its course.

Many relationship connections tend to end during a Mars or Mercury Retrograde. Sometimes it’s at your own detriment where you or someone else ends the connection prematurely. It’s always best to wait until Mars and Mercury move direct before making any hasty decisions, since what you want during the retrograde has a good tendency to change once it’s direct.

A retrograde will only dismantle a relationship that is already on thin ice, toxic, has fulfilled its purpose, or run its course. It won’t break apart solid soul mate connections. It may make them challenging, but those challenges and misunderstandings dissipate as the two key planets move direct.

This week is about choices too, so if one is single, there could be many potential prospects popping up, but again you don’t want to take it seriously until after the end of May. Potentials pop up, but they just as quickly leave when we move direct. Exes and past friendships that had drifted apart will re-surface over the next 4-5 weeks. Those are the two areas where it’s okay to move forward with during a Mercury Retrograde, since the transit puts a spotlight on unfinished business.

Soul connections teach you valuable lessons. What am I learning from this connection and this other person? What are they learning from me? Soul mate connections challenge you to be a better person. This can also cause friction since the ego dislikes it when you call someone on its stuff. Are you listening to what your soul mate connection is saying? Or is your ego reacting to it with defensiveness? Is it all about what you want and not what they want?



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