What’s New? Prince Passes On; The Archangels.

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The symbolism of the dove is hope, love, holiness, sacrifice and grace. Prince the Entertainer and Incarnated Elemental has traveled back home to his realm world where the music never stops.

“I’m not a human
I am a dove
I’m your conscious
I am love
All I really need is to know that
You believe
I would die for you.”

– Prince.

Kevin Hunter's photo.The Archangels are hierarchy spirit beings that manage the angels and reside in another dimension. Like Guides and Angels, you can request the assistance of a specific Archangel to come into your life when needed. They can be everywhere at once and are present the moment you call out to them. The Archangels are God’s hands and arms, which means when you’re communicating with an Archangel, you’re communing with God. The archangels, like the angels, are androgynous and have no anatomy. They are at times referred to as a specific gender and may even appear that way to some, because it is easier for human souls to relate to them in this form. If the qualities that the Archangel specializes in are connected to masculine traits, then the Archangel is referred to as male, whereas if they have predominately feminine traits they specialize in, then they are drawn or written as being female. In reality, they don’t look like a man or a woman despite how artists depict them in paintings, sculptures, and artwork. They are light sources and energy that can morph shape as they please.



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