5 Retrogrades and a Full Moon. Combustible Energy Rising.

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The agitation energy is extremely intense and shooting erratically in various directions. I can sense it from all over and it’s not letting up. We’ve definitely got tons of rock and roll going on in the Universe with this angry irritant known as the Mars Retrograde. It’s growing exacerbated by the day as we move closer to the Full Moon on Friday and the Mercury Retrograde on the 28th. The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are also in their retrograde motion.

You can still navigate through the testy planetary energy as best as possible for the next month or two. This is by avoiding people, even though for many that isn’t realistic. You have to go to work and face others. If you don’t have that kind of a job, you likely still need to go outside at some point and go to the grocery store. The biggest cause of turmoil is other people, especially those who are not in tune or sympathetic to the vibrations being emitted around you. Most of you are highly connected and sensitive, so you understand all of this as it is.

This is about being choosy over who you engage with through the end of June. Connect with lighthearted, optimistic, fun loving people. You will want to keep those that easily aggravate you at a distance. Keep that communication to a minimum. You can still do your best in remaining centered, but then you’ll run into a stranger who is bathed in this ugly Mars/Mercury Retrograde energy not understanding it.

Use this time to focus on you and personal projects and hobbies you can occupy yourself with. Even if that’s not your intention, you’ll still find that you can’t seem to get out of your head. Call upon the Archangel Michael to shield your soul daily with his white light of protection. Allow Heaven to be your guiding light in the current darkness.


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