Mars Retrograde April 16, 2016-June 27, 2016


Planetary Talk. It’s another big one! The planet Mars is moving Retrograde now through the end of June. Mars is the planet that affects your physical and emotional expressive energy. This includes taking action, going after a desire, your assertiveness and sexual drive. When you get up in the morning and choose to hit the ground running with amazing spirit, then this is a sign that Mars is positively affecting you.

When Mars moves retrograde, the energy shoots over to the opposite end of the spectrum. Mars unleashes Hell while in Retrograde motion. Tempers and arguments flare up and you become aggressively reactive instead of assertively proactive. This will also affect war zones and battlegrounds both with terrorism and in office environments.

Over the next couple of months, you might find you’re suddenly overreacting with anger towards every little thing, and yet it feels out of character for you. You’re thinking, “Why am I so angry about this? I usually don’t care.” This is a sign that the Mars Retrograde energy is affecting you. When this happens, you’ll want to take a step back and remember that it’s planetary and that whatever you’re hyper vigilante about, it most likely doesn’t need to be to the degree you’re taking it to.

Libidos will drop, fatigue will rise, and a lack of energy and motivation moves to the forefront. You will want to make the effort to push yourself that extra step to get out there and get the blood pumping even when you don’t feel like it. Channel any lack of energy through positive outlets. Impatience and recklessness will be at a high, so practice your calm centered Zen self, get out into the quiet of nature to exercise and connect. This is always a cure all especially when it comes to tempestuous emotions.

The biggest day-to-day effects of the Mars Retrograde for most personally will be reacting in anger or drama without thinking. If this is typically your personality make-up, then it will just be increased.

I have always been anti-media. The media is always out of control delivering information in an irresponsible non-objective way. This has been especially the case with the U.S. Presidential Election debate going on since last June. There is a lack of responsibility where they have intentionally been riling up the masses of dark ego, because this is easy to do. They don’t report, they gossip.

You’re going to see the media get more out of control over the next couple of months due to the Mars Retrograde, especially surrounding the election debate. Who is intended to take office was set in motion years ago and no one can change that. It is part of the contract in Earth’s history, so it’s best to ignore the noise and focus on contributing your positive gifts towards the betterment of humanity in some way.

The planet Mercury is now in the shadow of its Retrograde on top of the Mars Retrograde. This will compound how the information is delivered and how often others will misunderstand it. Take that long sabbatical you’ve been thinking about doing. Avoid the media and all those who exude hyper vigilante emotions and drama. Reel yourself in when you find you’re getting aggressively out of control. Move inward and pay attention to your desires and what you’d like to accomplish next. You’ll be burned out more often in the next couple months, and it will feel like a struggle, but you will also achieve as long as you continue to move forward.

The Mars Retrograde transits through the end of June. It will be moving through the free spirited extroverted Sagittarius until the end of May, but then treks into the deep probing and stinging touchiness of Scorpio through end of June.   There will tons of fight picking, drama, and battles.

Both Mars and Pluto are about to move Retrograde again.   Do you recall any key events that took place back on March 1, 2014-May 20, 2014? That was the last time Mars moved Retrograde.

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