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I was 30 years old and intent on continuing on with my transition from my tenure in the film business to becoming an author. Sharyn, a Sony Pictures executive, called me out of the blue. She was her usual calm with pauses between her punch words. “Hi Kevin. I received an interesting call today from the folks over at Warner Bros. for Superman.” As I listened, I chimed in with the occasional, “Uh-huhhh.”

She continues, “They informed me that they had a meeting with you the other day. They loved you. They want you for this. But they said that you expressed some doubts. They have been calling around asking some of us if we could talk to you and convince you to accept.” I said dead panned serious, “Right.”

She adds, “I told them, ‘Listen. This is what he does. Leave him alone. Give him his space. In a week he will come back with his answer and you will never hear about it again.”

Her response to them always stuck as I was impressed that she understood me better than others around me, but this is why she is one of the top executives there. I go around in circles creating a stir before I give someone a response, but once I commit, I give 110% without complaint.

I had met Sharyn the years before when she was offering me a Sony Picture gig. Days later I called her offices and they patched me through to her. I was peppering her with questions. She was quiet and then said confused but inquisitive, “Kevin. Are you interested?” I said, “Well, maybe.” She hadn’t grown to know me personally yet and only knew me to walk into these meetings distant and aloof with tons of concern at first.

An older producer colleague had taught me something important when he said, “Never turn down the meeting. You can turn down the job, but never the meeting.” This is one of the many things I learned in my twenties that was vital and that I still use today.



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