Heaven communicates to you through your etheric senses.

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Heaven communicates to you through your etheric senses. When your senses are clear of debris, toxins, and blocks, then the clearer the messages are. This is one of the reasons they insist that everyone work on being clear minded, exercise regularly, head out into nature, take time outs, avoid negative people, and watch what you ingest into your body. Those action steps contribute to you being a fine tuned communication machine with your Spirit team. Being in nature is one of the greatest healing places to be in. The messages come in clearer in those areas.  {Excerpt from the book, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit“}


Photo submitted by one of my readers from Pezniok who was visiting Sedona, Arizona, just south of the Grand Canyon.  She says, “This spot is one of its powerful vortexes.  The whole place felt like coming back home! Was also given a handmade red rock heart right in the midst of nature by the guy who was playing Native American Indian tunes on his flute, sitting high up on a pointy rock. I was SO deeply touched!! Just didn’t want to leave the place.”

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