Message of the week surrounds choices and paying attention to your intuition

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The message this week is surrounding choices. In the image are several roads broken up in different directions. At first glance, they all may look the same, but they have varying levels of challenge. You won’t realize it until you’ve already traveled half way down one of them. All roads you head down have the same destination in the end no matter how rocky it is. You make a choice and suddenly it’s one negative thing after another.

You can minimize the difficulties in your life when you ask for heavenly help and guidance, and then tune in to that still place within where these answers reside. You don’t need someone else to give you confirmation, because you have the confirmation. Take a deep breath in, and focus on centering yourself, elevating your faith, and stripping away any fear based thoughts that get in the way preventing blessings from falling into your vicinity. You are not alone or being ignored even when if it sometimes feels that way. Allow any negative toxicity around you to dissolve away. This will crank up the volume of the angels, and then God comes flowing in effortlessly.

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