The Devil. Tarot Lesson Basics.

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Card from the “Tarot Illuminati”

Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Devil card in a reading indicates an underlying fear you may not be aware of. You have a longing desire for something or someone to the point where it plagues your thoughts every minute as if your life depended on it.

The Devil card in a reading can show someone who is self centered or chained down by their own desires. You are terribly fixated on obtaining someone to the point that you’re not seeing that the person you’re focused on might not be all that great for you. Love cannot be forced or willed to happen. It forms and blends with another calmly and naturally.

The Devil can also reveal a co-dependent relationship. You are so entranced by the one you’re with that it’s actually causing or will cause you or the other person to feel trapped by it. Relationships are two people who are separate and independent, yet they come together without force or out of a need to fulfill an emotional void. When it’s used to fulfill ego needs, then this is when the Devil turns up. There is an ulterior motive for you wanting that person, even if you subconsciously feel that it is genuine. The Devil creates deception and blinders over the truth. When you’re in a co-dependent state, you are likely unaware of that. You’re only feeling and thinking about what ‘you’ want.

If you’re in a relationship or have your eye on someone new, then this card doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over or will not happen, but it is asking you to evaluate your behavior and true motives or intentions with this person. Make sure it’s not in the areas of toxicity or unhealthy. Speaking of which, this card can also indicate someone having an unhealthy addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or even an unhealthy fixation on someone else. Take a step back and evaluate if it’s you or the other person that this is describing. Or perhaps it’s the both of you!

Look at the traditional image of the Devil card. It’s two people nearly undressed or naked with chains around their necks. The chains are being controlled and held by the Devil himself. He stands above them with forceful power and the two human figures are cowered and submissive to him on the ground. The Devil figure is a metaphor representing your dark ego desires. You are chained and being controlled by your ego. When your ego is at the helms, then this is when mistakes are made, or you move through a situation with blindfolds on. This is evident in the male human figure in this card. He has his head down not ‘seeing’ things. The female human figure appears to be transfixed almost as if under a spell. She is also not seeing things clearly. In a reading, you are not seeing the truth about an issue or situation clearly.

You really like someone and you pull this card on that person for you, then this could be asking you to take a step back and make sure you’re seeing this person for who they are. They can be hiding something or might not be that interested in you. When you have a deep crush on someone, then this creates a hazy fog. The repercussions are more dangerous if this person isn’t that interested in you at the level that you are.

The flipside is this person can be sexually attracted to you, but it’s on a surface level. They are sexualizing you or lusting after you because of how you appear or who you are, but this isn’t to be confused with deep love. Their interest in you is purely on a physical level and this can cause issues for the both of you, since they have to have you to the point where it hurts. And you may be desiring more than a one night stand kind of connection with them. Or this card will show that it’s going to be a sexual relationship, but that’s it.

You would need to look at the surrounding cards to see how the connection will go. You could get The Devil card and then the Ten of Cups card next to it, then it can show a physical obsessive connection that soon levels out and becomes a loyal loving relationship. But if it’s say the Seven of Swords next to it, then you’ve got all sorts of deception going on. The Three of Swords would indicate it’s a co-dependent connection that will end in heartbreak and disappointment. Eight of Pentacles might show it turning into a working business relationship.

The ego is an inner force within all souls representing your fears, addictions, and other harmful impulses. The ego is a master of deception and creates the illusion that you are involuntarily bound to it. This could also be you chasing after someone and idealizing them as a potential partner, but you’re not seeing this person or this possibility clearly. You refuse to stop pushing for something until it finally ends in disappointment. This same concept applies to whatever the question is, whether it’s career, family, friendships, or even material necessities.

You have the power to remove this metaphysical chains and see the real truth. This will free you from any false imprisonment you are allowing to overtake you. Think about what you’re afraid of or what addictions you have that bring you guilt. Addictions are not necessarily drugs, alcohol, or any other vice. They can be an addiction to gossip, the internet, an easy lifestyle, or anything harsh that ultimately has a harmful effect on your state of being. It is one that stalls you from continuing on your life path. It wears you down and makes you stressed, irritable, or tired. Don’t let your fears take hold of you. Release negative fearful and ego based thoughts that divert you off your path or stall you from getting where you need to be. Understand that the Devil card doesn’t mean something won’t happen, but to be aware of the whole picture.

The Devil card in a reading points to fears, addictions, bondage, obsessions, materialism, illusions, deception, hopelessness, sexuality, ignorance, or dependency.

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