Temperance. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. When the Temperance card shows up in a reading, the most obvious message surrounds the need for balance, or that you are balanced, or that circumstances are starting to balance out. The message can also point to someone who has been tempted by addictions, but is trying to straighten their life out. They have not full blown fallen down that path, but merely getting their toe wet.

This is the calm within the storm card. Everyone around you is obsessing over drama and gossip, but you’re completely composed, detached, and uninterested in any of it. The personality trait of this card is someone who is centered and balanced. The opposite is that someone can be addicted to tons of daily alcohol intake. This card isn’t necessarily saying to quit the vice, but it is suggesting you remember to do things in moderation if you’re unable to stop.

You’re single and interested in someone romantically. You pull this card, then this can show that there is chemistry, but it can also be saying the feelings the person has for you are up and down. This can also be the opposites attract card.

The image in the Temperance card tends to show an angel or someone pouring water from one cup to another. This indicates, balance, synastry, chemistry, flow of energy, etc. This is also the card of someone being at a crossroads or transforming their life. If a new connection doesn’t seem to be forming quickly enough, this card message can be saying that one or the both of you are in the middle of a personal transformation, trying to balance their life out, or bringing an addictive streak to a close.

Perhaps your current relationship has been experiencing some challenges, the Temperance card can indicate that the connection will be smoothed out soon. The equilibrium between the couple will reach a more harmonious and peaceful state. It can also show that the connection is already a peaceful balanced one.

If a relationship is experiencing argumentative discord, then this card is suggesting that working together and compromising on the things you cannot change will bring more balance and harmony to the connection. This means having tolerance for someone. Some of the cases I hear about someone’s complaints about their partner mostly seem to be on the petty side. There’s a lot of trying to control what they want their partner to be. Your partner is not an object.

The message in this card can also show a couple finding middle ground and a way to merge together despite their differences in personalities or values, etc. The negative side to an opposites attract situation is it can reveal an imbalance between two people. It depends on whether the surrounding cards are challenging or favorable.

In a general read for you, the Temperance card falls next to the Eight of Pentacles. One could say that you’re working too hard and that’s great, but a need to find some balance is essential so you don’t experience burn out. Romantically, it can show the person you’re interested in is absorbed heavily in work and that’s why it feels as if you’re not really connecting. If you’re single, this can be more of an internal struggle to find balance and reach a more harmonious feeling, then the love partner will come in naturally.

In the attached image one toe is in the water, which represents subconscious, and one foot is on land, the conscious. There is a healthy balance of both the spiritual and the practical.

Keywords: moderation, balance, harmony, synergy, patience, serenity, compromise

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