The Solar Eclipse energy is bringing on new beginnings

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Many have been hitting me up this past week with heavy emotion not understanding what’s going on. The one thing I noticed after scanning them is they are all at a transparent fork in the road. This is where their next gigantic step forward along their life path is illuminated. They’re unaware of this due to being in the midst of the cyclone of inner turmoil.

What’s influencing them is the Solar Eclipse which took place a few days ago. The energy is so intensely strong that it’s typically felt for six months. There will be several assaulting points between now and September when other planets align with the Solar Eclipse at a challenging or optimistic degree. 

Solar Eclipses bring on new beginnings, but the old has to end first. The outdated is in mid-process of dissolving and this is shaking things up for a great deal of people. They can feel the rumblings of something happening within and it is something they cannot ignore. The new beginnings that the Solar Eclipses bring on are not minuscule either. They are large changes building until they erupt in front of you. It can take months before the effects of today are noticed.

Venus has moved into Pisces which is going to bring a lot of depth of feeling. The furthest reaches of this depth is the tip you need to hit before you receive the clearest ‘touch’ from Heaven surrounding what’s going on in your life and the decisions you need to be making.

~  Kevin Hunter 

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