Traveling over to the Other Side

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We are etheric souls inhabiting a physical body in order to reside in this physical plane for what we call a human liftetime. When you pass on and separate from this body, there is an etheric substance that is attached to the etheric spirit part of you that seems to pull out of it and stretch at a slight angle. It begins in darkness at the floor and gradually grows lighter and brighter as you move along with it. Eventually by the time you reach the other side, the light becomes so bright it’s overwhelming. You know that you are no longer on the Earth plane. This slight angle etheric road as I’ll call it makes sense considering that the next spirit dimension is about three feet above us and runs parallel along with this dimension. 

The first presence you’re greeted by begins with one person. It’s typically someone who is super familiar to you. It might even be a deity that you are super close with. Eventually the ‘others’ appear not long after you have your initial introduction. This is to make the transition as calmly as possible.

This tunnel source grows brighter as you cross over back home, but the irony is it’s reversed in a sense as you enter an Earthly life. There is a similar transition into your Earthly life that begins less comfortably. It’s a discombobulating feeling as your soul becomes entrapped in this new physical casing. You feel the weight and heaviness being pressed upon you like a strangulation. This is partially why most babies are crying when they are born. It’s the jarring adjustment into learning to function in this physical body with organs that were obsolete as a soul. You’re now having to learn to breath through the human lungs. I sometimes wonder why we would agree to that kind of torture, but I already know why.

{This photo is a metaphor because there isn’t a staircase. I’ve mentioned the process of the soul transition in several of my books including “Warrior of Light“, “Divine Messages for Humanity” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom“}

~  Kevin Hunter
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