Imagination is the source where your creative spirit is awakened

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Children and animals have the highest ranges of psychic abilities than any other being on Earth. Children haven’t been fully tampered with and destroyed by jaded adults. When a child is scared or explains that they’re seeing something no one else is, an adult automatically tells them, “Oh, it’s just your imagination.” I can’t think of a worse phrase to tell a child who is confiding in you about something that may be present that you don’t understand. This phrase is what begins the process of erecting blocks to divine communication in that child’s life. In all fairness, it’s not the adults fault entirely. They are a product of the environment they were raised in. They we’re trained to view things that are not understood by the ego to be a figment of one’s imagination. Be open minded to what a child is telling you. They see, hear, feel and know far more than adults give them credit for.

Animals remain as the spirit beings whose psychic range stays relatively the same throughout the course of its life. It doesn’t have the kinds of blocks that human souls create. An animal isn’t concerned with paying rent or a mortgage. It’s not concerned about finding work or stressing out over triviality. As long as it’s fed, has a place to sleep, and with an owner who loves it, then there are very little blocks in its world.

Imagination is the source where your creative spirit is awakened. This space is the portal that leads to the communication line with Heaven. The artists of the world and throughout history have greater access to the Divine because they a good degree of sensitivity and imagination. They can walk through another’s shoes without judgment, no matter horrible that other person might be. Gifted actors excel at this as well. This open mindedness is one of the key’s to having a stronger connection with your Spirit team.

~  Kevin Hunter
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