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Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. Don’t be frightened by this image. I know the Wise Ones out there won’t bat an eyelash. The Death card in the Tarot is one of the most feared cards in the Tarot deck, but this is misguided and misunderstood. I’ve watched Hollywood horror/thriller films that show someone reading the psychic tarot. One of the cards they always seem to want to reveal is the “Death” card. They immediately write it into the storyline that someone is going to die. I roll my eyes and scoff because this couldn’t be further from the truth. They need a spiritual consultant on the sets of those movies. I’ve done readings for people in the past with them sitting in front of me. Whenever I flip over the ‘death’ card they say with horror and panic, “What-is-that!?” The Death card is a positive thing.

The Death card is almost never about someone physically dying. The Tarot is not literal and the Death card is more positive than one might believe. Everyone is experiencing repeated deaths all throughout their lives. In all of those cases, the Death card would pop up in a read. In a reading this is about endings followed by new beginnings. When it is an ending or bringing something to closure, then this opens the door to a bright new beginning. This card is in alignment with the current Full Moon energy.

You’re clinging tightly to someone you’re interested in romantically, but this person has showed no interest back. You pull this card, then it would be telling you to release the desire for this person, because there is someone better who is about to appear. There is a bright new beginning coming up, but you need to let go of the old.

You’ve overstayed your welcome in your current residence and this card shows up in your reading. It is time to stop putting up resistance or making excuses to avoid having to move. “Death” is a powerful intense card that something of no more use is needing to end so that something good can come in.

If you recall that moment you were going through a specific transformation internally where you traveled down a more spiritual path, then this card would have shown up in your spread at the time. Whenever the Death card shows up, this greatly indicates lots of change and transformation going on in an area of your life.

If you’re single and this card comes up in a love reading, then this can be suggesting that there might be something in your life that needs to be brought to closure in order to bring this new person in. You could be hanging onto a past love or ex. It can also be a rigid mindset that needs to be released. This is followed by adopting a new positive mindset. It can also simply be saying that your life as a single person is over, the relationship is in the vicinity.

If you’re already in a love relationship, then this doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will be ending, although it most certainly can. The Death card will end a relationship that was unstable or unhealthy to begin with. It ends what needs to be brought to closure for your own good. If this is denied, then denial enters the equation where you make excuses that all is well, when in fact there are major unseen holes in the connection.

The flip side is that you are indeed in a happy, healthy love relationship, but this card comes up in the read. It can also mean there is something ending or changing within the connection. It can be something like a pregnancy is coming up. This card doesn’t mean pregnancy, but when there is a new soul entering a household, that does change the current dynamic of the relationship. This change is associated with the “Death” card.

You continue to despise and complain about your job, but are afraid to leave because you have bills to pay or you fear the change. The Death card can be saying that you will need to do something drastic such as taking a chance and leaving this place that makes you unhappy. Do whatever you can to find another job or the law of attraction will do it for you in ways that might not initially be welcomed.

I know this is a scarier image in the Tarot, but it is all metaphorical. The dark imagery suggests that people are afraid of change. The skeleton riding the horse on top of the King with the crown is stomping out the ego who desires titles and prestige. The image is intense because it’s suggesting that one is resisting change out of fear when change needs to happen, so the change is coming whether you like it or not.

Look to the surrounding cards to see where the change is present if this is a general read. It will also indicate whether it is a positive change or challenging one. The Death next to the Nine of Cups could show a positive change in your love life. The Death next to a Pentacles card can show a change in your finances or job. If it’s next to the Page of Pentacles, then a smaller positive financial change, next to Ten of Pentacles, then it’s a larger one. Next to the Five of Pentacles can be a loss. The Death card is about endings, beginnings, transformations, letting go of something, releasing, change, metamorphoses.


~  Kevin Hunter

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