The Writing Process for Me Includes Proofing in Nature

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Before I turn my manuscripts into my copy editor, I sit in this spot and proof extensively, then I give it to him. He eventually comes back with the whole thing destroyed in red pen and requests a meeting about it. I need to be outdoors in nature when I re-read and proof.

The first draft of my book, “Realm of the Wise One“, was written in this spot in three weeks, which is a record for any book I’ve written. Actually the first number of chapters were written in channeled shorthand on my cell phone. Who knew it could be so handy. The book was supposed to be a chapter in my book, “Darkness of Ego“, but ended up being hundreds of pages long that we decided it’s best that it be its own book. 

I had reservations about the opening chapter which gives a glimpse of one of the realms in Heaven. I assumed it would be too out there for the human practical mind to digest and fathom. My editor disagreed and said to leave it as is. It turned out I was wrong and pleasantly surprised over how much people have been praising the book since its release. They’ve been asking for more realm books like that. This is in the works and in development, but my project list is one gigantic traffic jam.

~  Kevin Hunter

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