The Hanged Man. Tarot Lesson Basics.


Card from Tarot Illuminati deck


The Hanged Man card traditionally shows an individual hanging upside down. This symbolism can be telling the person being read for to look at things from a different perspective. This can also mean that you’re expecting a specific result to come about, when what’s to come is something different than what you’re expecting. The results can either be something better than what you want, or not quite what you hoped.

This cards meaning also points to patience being needed or delays in the way. The individual in the card image shows him relaxed and not in motion. There is nothing to do right now. Let go of the need to control what you want to happen. It’s out of your hands at this time. Whatever it is you’re asking about needs to be waited out for various reasons. The desires will come about on divine timing. Don’t make any impulsive or reckless decisions. This card tends to come up quite a bit during a Mercury Retrograde urging others to take pause and observe non-movement, but instead reflect.

Other examples: You’re asking if you should move residence, quit your job, or accelerate your moves towards a new love, then you pull this card. The message would be the same and that is to wait it out, don’t make any moves at this time. This is also about sacrifice or surrendering. If there is conflict with someone or something, then let it go and surrender waving the white flag. The Hanged Man can indicate a transition or things being at a standstill.

Sometimes when you’re asked to not make any moves it’s because you need to be enlightened about certain situations on your own. Your team will not always give you all of the answers. Inner wisdom or spiritual enlightenment needs to be gained on your own time surrounding a situation. This card can also indicate one being at a crossroads or turning point. The meaning here is also about coming to terms with the reality of something or someone, which is why you’re asked to not make any sudden moves. The truth will soon be revealed.

The opposite meaning is that it’s showing someone in isolation or home bound. If you’re wondering why nothing has come about with something, but you’ve been in perpetual solitude, then this card is pointing out that you actually do need to take action or do something to pull yourself out of your rut. Can’t wait for what you desire to fall from the sky and land in your lap by not doing anything.

In love, the message is still the same as previously stated. You might be rushing too quickly with someone new you have your eye on as many do. The card is asking you to take your time with it and slow down or it will backfire and disintegrate. If you’re already in a love relationship, then this card can be showing that things are stagnant or stuck. Something needs to happen to shake the energy out of its current rut.

~  Kevin Hunter

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