A Mother Pays Attention To Heaven and It Saves Her Life

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Your guides and angels assist you in a myriad of ways. It isn’t just to help you get that great job or awesome love. They help with day to day stuff. Tanya, a Mother in Washington, was folding laundry near her baby. It wasn’t any different than any other day. Except this time she couldn’t shake this foreboding feeling that kept overcoming her. It was growing to the point where she heard a loud voice through clairaudience shout, “RUN!”

She wasn’t a big believer of anything, but this shook her to the core. She grabbed her baby and left the room abruptly. As that happened, she heard the loud sounds of a tree falling. She turned around to see what had just happened and discovered this tree had collapsed into her house on the very spot she was standing minutes ago with her child. Because she not only picked up Heavenly guidance, but she paid attention to it and took action, this saved both her and her child’s life or at least prevented major injury.

Don’t discredit the guidance and messages that are being filtered through you on a daily basis. Some of them might seem insignificant or subtle that you brush it off. In this case, it was a life saver.


~  Kevin Hunter

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