How Do I Connect in a Channel with Heaven?

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One of the common questions I receive is how do I connect in a channel with Heaven. It’s like an actor describing their process. I’m unable to efficiently explain it since it wasn’t something I was trained to do. The channel connection has been happening since I was a kid. I remember being seven years old and a team of voices that were not in front of me were talking to me, and I was listening. These weren’t the crazy voices or the ego voice, since neither of those voices predicts or lays out things to come that end up happening. Nor do they instruct one to harm themselves or someone else.

I didn’t meditate. I didn’t use props. It just happened whenever it wanted to. It’s always been like that even though I can choose to light a candle and put on soft music to get me into a more relaxed state. If I need to work (write) and I’m not in the zone, then it’s not happening. The zone is what I call the higher frequency vibrations that are raised to reach my teams vibrations which are lowered. This way there is a match and you’re both in this ‘zone’. If I’m all over the place and undisciplined, then it’s not happening. But it’s also like calling a friend who isn’t home. They’re aware I need to connect. I keep calling and calling periodically throughout the day, then bam suddenly the connection is made out of nowhere and everything is flying in at once. I’m so relieved to be in that space because it’s a total rush and high. Better than any drug or drink.


~  Kevin Hunter

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