Mercury Moving Forward; Solitude Still Called Upon To Do.

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Planet Mercury is stationary today as it prepares to change direction and move forward after being Retrograde since we moved into 2016. We started the year by being asked to go back and re-trace our steps. January has been about non-movement, contemplation, revising, and re-evaluation of all that needs attention. It’s been a month of moodiness, brain fogs, misunderstandings, impatience, frustrations, depression, errors, insomnia, glitches and miscommunication. All adjectives that take precedence during a Mercury Retrograde.

The messages I was given for this week were new beginnings, recovery, and solitude. New beginnings because we are technically NOW starting the New Year. We started off 2016 by having to sit and wait. With recovery, this means that true clarity will rise up in the coming weeks. You might have thought you were clear this past month, but the coming weeks will tell you otherwise.

Solitude is for this particular week. Although, it is safe to move forward, they still shouted, “Not so fast!” Time alone is needed to gather up all that was gained and lost over the last few weeks and prepare to put those plans into action as we move into February. The Chinese New Year of the Monkey is on February 8th, which is really the perfect time to celebrate and kick off 2016. We’re a little behind thanks to Mercury.

~  Kevin Hunter

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