Justice. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Card from Tarot Illuminati deck

The Justice card in a reading points to getting what one has coming to them. “Justice” being served. The message asks one to be fair, structured, disciplined, truthful, objective and balanced. This is speaking your truth or the answer you’ve been looking for will come to light eventually.

Justice in a read can indicate anything having to do with the law, legal circumstances, the courts, or police enforcement. This means anything from business contracts being drawn up, a law suit, marriage or divorce license, etc. An immediate decision needs to be made surrounding your question.

In a love reading, if you’re single and asking what kind of person is coming to you romantically, then this card might show that this person works in the legal arena, can be a lawyer or works at a law firm including being a legal assistant or receptionist there. They might be a law enforcement officer, an executive in a corporate environment, or they work in a government or political position. They might be someone who is by the book, traditional, conservative, speaks bluntly and directly.

If you’re already in a relationship and not married, then this can show a marriage coming up, a stronger commitment, or the flip side which is divorce or separation. Because this is about justice and fairness, whatever the outcome is, know that in the end it is for the greater good. This is the cause and effect card that what you do comes back to you or the karmic card of what goes around comes around.

In the image, the two pillars symbolize structure, the scales this official person holds indicates balance. The sword in her hand symbolizes cutting to the truth of the matter.


~  Kevin Hunter

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