Ignite Your Inner Life Force to Release Pent Up Repression

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Your life force is the positive energy that flows through your soul. When it is operating at its highest state, then that is when you are most connected to God. When your life force energy drops, then this affects your mind and your physical body. This is followed by you experiencing a perpetual negative state such as always getting sick, depression or permanent stress that never ceases to lighten. You lose interest in activities that once made you smile.

When your life force dwindles and remains permanently low, then it’s time to ignite it. Igniting it will unleash any pent up repression that might have been forced upon you at the hands of others or at your own doing. You are not moving through your life alone. You are surrounded by heavenly helpers that are with you and within reach.

Every soul without exception who is living a human Earthly life has one Spirit Guide and one Guardian Angel who is with them from their human birth until their human death. This is regardless if you’re aware of it or not, or whether you feel you are deserving of it. http://tinyurl.com/zcs8zgy


~  Kevin Hunter

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