Mercury Retrograde Kicks off the 2016 Year of Completion

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“What’s Mercury doing today?” That was a text my friend Ryan sent to me this morning. Without knowing when Mercury would go Retrograde he suspected something was up that can only be Mercury related. He was right as today is the first day of the Mercury Retrograde…again.

This means for the remainder of the month you will feel as if you’re taking two steps forward and one step back. Mercury pushes you to go back and revise anything in your life that needs to be re-examined and looked at. This is the month of taking care of past business. Whether it is smoothing out a past broken connection (friend/family/lover), getting work done on your car, backing up your computer, re-writing that book, or cleaning house both literally and metaphorically. Move forward slowly and with caution. Drive extra careful and re-read important documents before acting.

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2016 is a 9-year when you add it up. The number 9 indicates completion. When there is completion, there are both endings and new beginnings. This year many will see circumstances end in their lives. These circumstances can be blessings or challenges, but an unwelcomed challenge brings something that needs to be wrapped up whether one wants it to or not. It can be a love relationship, friendship, job, etc. Others who have been suffering for sometime and have been paying back their Karmic debt in the process will open the door this year to bright new beginnings.

This is a big karmic year also since all 9’s are karmic related. It is good or bad depending on each case. Basically everyone will get what’s coming to them where justice is served. If someone has done ill will to others in the past and seems to have got off Scott free, then that won’t be the case this year where they will see an ending to that. Whereas someone who has been stuck with no movement, and they have been trying, they are more apt to experiencing bright new beginnings in particular parts of their life. This year is about wrapping up the last eight years. It’s connected to your growth and the experiences you had within that time.

~  Kevin Hunter

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