Stress, anxiety, depression are examples of symptoms that crush your soul

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The first half of December was filled with messages of getting to work and moving full steam ahead. You recall I said this would run up until the holiday time. This is right on par with the messages they gave me for this week, which is that it is time to relax. I’ve done a triple check and that’s all they keep giving me for this week, so that’s not going to change.

Stress, anxiety, depression are examples of symptoms that crush your soul. This energy shoots into your physical body causing an array of issues. Heaven watches millions of disconnected souls rushing around burned out, and miserable. It saddens them to have this aerial view of so many detached unhappy souls. The angels demand that you stop to enjoy regular sessions of personal indulgence time. When you include fun and relaxation in your life, then when you head back to the practicalities of life, you’re more energetic, optimistic and focused. Your soul cries in pain when it runs and suffocates on permanent negative emotions. This is why rest and relaxation are not only a luxury, but a necessity to your overall well-being.

{ This image takes me back home to Heaven, which is covered in an endless array of small to massive waterfalls everywhere. This is described in the opening of my book, “Realm of the Wise One”. }


~  Kevin Hunter

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