The Pacific Ocean is one of the few pieces of Heaven left in Los Angeles

Kevin Hunter's photo.

The great blue Pacific is a reminder that there are untouched spots where bits and pieces of Heaven can be found on Earth. It’s one of the few places in L.A. that I still have an attraction for. Maybe it’s because no one has access to overdevelop on top of it the way they’ve destroyed the rest of the city and other parts of the country.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles and the city was never as bad as its become today.  In the late 90’s the population started to multiply astronomically every year.  For some reason everyone wanted to move to L.A. and now that there is no more room, they want out, but are more or less stuck.

This particular photo I took is the tiny untouched beach city where I live in Southern California. I’m here regularly and often. Feeling the ocean mist hit you without a break alerts me to the reality that I am blessed. It’s also one of the very few areas in L.A. where the people are incredibly warm, friendly and inviting. How can you not be? The second you step foot onto this bit of paradise you can literally feel the stress evaporate off your body. Your true nature is exuded from the inside out. Everyone here automatically assumes a friendship the second you approach one another.

This is also surfer haven, which at times can look like a parking lot on longboards. The ocean tide has taken over the area where the sand is, but it’s not usually like that.  On super off days, I can be found somewhere over here for hours clearing, connecting, and igniting. It’s where the birth of dreams and inspiration happen.

~  Kevin Hunter

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