Let’s Hear Your Sexual Fantasies Both Real and Imagined

Kevin Hunter's photo.One of my many projects in development is a book on your sexual fantasies both real and imagined. This is part study and part entertainment. If you’re feeling fearless, then private message me your stories of any length or email me at kevinsbeach@aol.com. Leave nothing out.  Don’t be afraid to be blunt or say certain words.

If I decide to use any part of it, it will be used anonymously if at all. The book also may or may not come to light. Like films in development, sometimes these projects sit on a shelf collecting dust for years and never fully get lift off.

I’ve sent out casting calls and have been interviewing others over the last number of months on the side surrounding this project. I have been disappointed with some of what I’ve been receiving. Technology and the rise in a lack of meaningful personal connections has killed ones imagination resorting to sound bites that bore me into a coma. It’s like talking to styrofoam. I’d rather scratch my face to death.

If that’s the case, the book may end up surrounding my own stories. Although the stuff I’ve found to be interesting is that many have talked about their fantasies surrounding a gender they normally aren’t primarily attracted to.  This is from hetero married or committed men and women.


~  Kevin Hunter

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