The Deeper Love of the Twin Flame: Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

The Deeper Love of the Twin Flame

(Excerpt sample from the book,
Soul Mates and Twin Flames:
Attracting in Love, Friendships and the Human Heart”
by Kevin Hunter)

       The Twin Flame is the highest and deepest form of a soul connection.  Twin flames rarely incarnate at the same time, even though there appears to be a trend that many are searching for their other half twin flame soul.  It is not the goal to find one’s twin flame since they cannot be found.  When it is time for a soul to connect with their twin flame while on its soul’s journey, then it will happen naturally with no effort.  This is similar to the image of magnet attracting in steel.  Most human soul’s twin flames are on the other side.  Searching for someone who is not living on the Earth plane may result in prolonged disappointment.

Every single soul knows their twin flame personally, even if they do not remember them while living an Earthly life.  Your soul is part of their soul.  Your souls split apart breaking into two when your soul was formed and sparked out of God.  This is like human twins who have formed out of the same egg.  With that come the many similarities and natures between them.  Those who have a twin sibling mostly do not always look identical or have exactly the same interests.  Your twin flame does not look like you, but there will be a great deal of similarities and a huge bond and attraction that never ceases throughout the course of your Earthly life.  It is not one sided as both of the twin flames feel this attraction and intensity for each other indefinitely.  This is the case even if they temporarily separate or one of the partners flees out of a need for independence.  Fleeing is common among a twin flame.  Their ego will want to focus on more practical matters rather than succumbing to the depths of an intense love connection with someone.

On Earth, usually one or both of the twin flames are involved in positive spiritual or faith based pursuits.  If one is more involved in it than the other, then the other soul will display growing signs that they’re heading in that direction.  They are likely the younger partner of the duo, but not always.  This is a human soul who has evolved to the level greater than the superficiality of the physical world.  This isn’t to be mistaken with two people who are involved in religious pursuits which harm others through words or violence.  The twin flame soul is highly evolved beyond hate filled dogma.

It is near impossible for twin flames not to merge together in a love relationship.  It’s too heartbreaking on both ends for them to be apart for too long after they’ve first connected.  The twin flame connection can be a tough connection to bring together at times.  Sadly some twin flames connections come together, break apart, come together and break apart and repeat.  This is due to one or the both of their egos denying they’re meant to be.  One or the both of them may sabotage or pull away from the connection due to its intensity.  Yet they manage to end up right back together months or even years later again.  There’s a cycle where they are two peas in a pod, then a period where they have little to no contact with one another, only to be back in one another’s arms years later.  They wouldn’t be able to function or continue on through life indefinitely without the other one.  This is on both ends and not just with one of them.  If it’s just with one of them, then that’s an unrequited love, karmic connection, or soul mate relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with someone being a soul mate relationship over a twin flame.  In fact, the soul mate connections are at times easier than a twin flame union.  Soul mates experience friction as well, but twin flames are more intense and feeling oriented.  This contributes to the additional difficulties.  The friction with twin flames is in coming together.  They have trouble connecting and sealing the deal.  This friction is due to ego.  Human souls grow uncomfortable or over emotional when feeling a heightened love attraction for someone who feels the same way about them.  This goes beyond a physical attraction and into an unwavering deep soul attraction.  The more insecure partner of the twin flame connection may end the relationship more than once.  Sometimes this is to pursue selfish ego gratifying needs, yet their twin flame partner will always be on their mind, or will continue to surface in their mind indefinitely throughout their life.

Everyone is with their twin flame at some point on the other side before they incarnate on earth.  Many souls come to Earth either as student or teacher.  Earth is school and all human souls are in class.  When you graduate, then you go back home where your twin flame is waiting.   This is why it’s rare for the twin flame to be on Earth when you are, because one of them is usually more evolved spiritually.  If that’s the case, there is no reason for them to incarnate into a human body, unless they agree to an Earthly life in the role of Teacher or Leader.

This would mean that if your twin flame has also incarnated into a human body, they have done so as student.  The Twin Flame mix on Earth is either Teacher-Student or Teacher-Teacher.  This is also why there is often an age difference between both Twin Flames who are in a human body, since a student might likely be younger, but not always.  This is additional friction compounded onto the two souls.  In Earth years they are in varying levels of human development that rub against each other uncomfortably, and sometimes even human generational gaps.  The exceptions are if the younger soul is evolving rather quickly and maturely, while the older soul is tolerant and patient with the level the younger human soul is at.  Twin Flames might also be from different states in North America or they might be from different countries.   They can also be the same gender.   It can be a same sex attraction (homosexual twin flame or heterosexual twin flame), friendship, parent or sibling connection.  There is an equal balance of both the masculine and feminine energy in both twin flames regardless of gender in this lifetime.

Some signs it is a Twin Flame connection:

  • Twin Flames typically have an age difference of around 10 years or more.
  • Twin Flame relationships have an intense bond that is like magnet to steel.  It’s an extremely strong attraction that never goes away for both partners.
  • Twin Flame souls are typically from different cultures, backgrounds, states or countries as the other.
  • Twin Flame relationships rarely incarnate at the same time.
  • Twin Flame relationships may have disagreements with one another as all souls do, but there is little tempestuous volatile arguing going on between them.  A volatile connection is a karmic or soul mate relationship.
  • Twin Flame souls that connect in their lifetime will rarely break apart for good.  They might come together, break apart, come together and break apart, but they never fully break apart for good. It’s too hard for the both of them to be permanently apart.  Most of the time they end up remaining together until their Earthly life passing.
  • Twin Flame connections can be of the same gender regardless of sexual orientation.
  • Twin Flame souls have a great deal of similarities, desires, communication styles and personality behavior patterns as the other.
  • Twin Flame souls are a Teacher-Student or Teacher-Teacher relationship.
  • Twin Flame relationships are hard for both partners at times because of the deep intensity.  It’s too much feeling to be in that one or both may run away from time to time.



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