Shania Twain and Her Brush with a Clairvoyant Palm Reader

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Singer/Entertainer Shania Twain has admitted, “I’m always soul searching on a spiritual level.” Her parents were both killed in a car accident on November 1, 1987. In this story, she talks about her mother admitting to knowing about this accident months before through a clairvoyant.

“After my parents funeral, I thought back to something my mother had told me only months before, when she was living near me in Toronto after having left my father yet again. We were having one of our woman-to-woman talks, which I’d found so heartwarming, because it was as if our relationship was entering a new, richer dimension. 

We were laughing about something when suddenly my mom turned quiet. “I have to tell you something,” she said hesitantly. I wasn’t at all prepared for what she was about to reveal. Apparently, my mother had visited a fortune-teller/palm reader recently. “While reading my palm, the woman said that my husband would die this November, then suddenly told me that she could not finish my reading and closed my hand,” said my mother.

Neither she nor I read anything too deep into this at the time, although we both thought it was peculiar and a bit creepy. My mother believed in fortune-tellers enough to go to one in the first place and she was uncomfortable that the woman had so abruptly stopped the reading, as though alarmed. I brushed it off for both our sakes, in an attempt to dampen any worry by saying, “Ah, superstition, that’s all this stuff is about. It’s really nothing to take seriously, Mom.”

You can imagine my feelings when I reflected back on this after the car accident that killed both my parents, as exactly what the palm reader had foreseen had happened. My father did die that November, on the first. What the fortune-teller could not bring herself to say out loud was that my mother was fated to die along with my father.

It was incredible to me that this palm reader could be right, that she must have been for real. I was impressed by the reality that the phenomenon of clairvoyance really existed. This lady did see something that freaked her out, causing her to not finish reading my mother’s palm.

Today, rather than being impressed with this skill, I’m more wary of its reality, and personally prefer not to know my future, the future of the ones I love, or even of the world I live in or of mankind. That doesn’t mean I’m passive regarding the welfare of others or my role as a citizen of the world, but I believe that ultimately our Creator has it all planned out perfectly, whether I agree with the plan or not.

Regardless whether I’m aware of what that plan is, it is not for me to alter it in any way, and I would therefore not want to experience unnecessary suffering and anxiety over potentially devastating information I cannot change. Why do that to yourself if you genuinely have faith in God’s ability to manage what He created? is my thinking.”  ~ Shania Twain

~  Kevin Hunter

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