The Wheel. Tarot Lesson Basics.

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The Wheel (a.k.a. The Wheel of Fortune) is a positive card that can show incoming luck, wealth, or abundance coming in. The Wheel indicates that one’s circumstances are changing. It talks about the cycles of life where transitions are inevitable and will be happening if they haven’t already. This is about knowledge and lessons being learned or gained in the process as your life moves through these changes. This is the life transition card.

The Wheel is like the planet Jupiter, which bestows luck and abundance when it is positively aspected. The message in the Wheel can show circumstances turning for the better. The Wheel is typically the only Major Arcana card that does not have someone on it. This is because the answers reside at a higher level. It is Spirit working the magic and bringing what is destined to happen. This is about karma, destiny and fate.

The Wheel spins around quickly, so it can show that the life changes will be coming in out of the blue and happening fast. On the flip side, it can also show things spinning out of control. The cards enhance one another depending on what its paired with. The Wheel with The Lovers can show a love partner entering the picture suddenly. The Wheel paired with the Death card can show that the worst is over and the beginning of something great is coming.

If you’re single, The Wheel is a positive card showing that things are changing for you and a love partner is on its way. If you’re already in a love relationship and it’s been rocky, then The Wheel can show things turning for the better up ahead. However, if you’re love relationship is always perfect, then the Wheel would show some upsets or challenges coming up. When single and desiring a love relationship, it’s important to note you can’t sit on the couch waiting for the soul mate to ring your doorbell, you have to put in an effort too. Get out there and mingle, hit potentials up, be warm, receptive and friendly.

If things are not going so great and you pull this card, then this can indicate that things will be getting better soon. It is also a reminder to understand that life is full of peaks and valleys. No one is exempt from that. If circumstances we’re always going great, then you wouldn’t learn anything. The blessings you have would be taken for granted since one gets comfortable when everything is blissful for years, unless they show gratitude regularly. In the end, The Wheel is usually a positive card showing great things coming in depending on what question was asked.


~  Kevin Hunter

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