Facebook Page Hits 22,222 likes. The numbers signify keep the faith.

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One of my loyal readers of many years pointed out to me yesterday they noticed the likes on my Facebook page hit 22,222. I said I had previously noticed that too. But what I said when I saw those numbers in repetitive succession in front of me was: “These numbers are a reminder for everyone to have faith. Their faith declines when they witness violence and hate happening. They question God and this existence. The 2’s are a reminder to not let your faith waver. And know that blessings are bestowed following tragedy. Ironic these numbers showed up within 24 hours following the Paris attacks.”

I’ve been getting quite a bit of notes sent to me asking why God has allowed this to happen or why won’t He stop it. There are reasons as to why, but too lengthy to state here. The reasons are threaded out all through some of my books.

These questions are understandable, but they also show a wavering faith. Don’t let setbacks and violence knock your faith down. Let it make you stronger. You’ve got to stand strong in the face of adversity. You cannot allow it to crumble you. Those filled with hate cannot conquer you or the world. They may create a mess, but they will never win.


~  Kevin Hunter


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