How the angels intervened when Alanis Morissette was robbed at age 19

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Heaven and the angels save you in a myriad of ways that sometimes might seem pretty small at the time, but in hindsight appear ‘fated’. Rock singer Alanis Morissette has one of the best selling albums of all time called, “Jagged Little Pill”, which came out about a week after her 21st birthday in 1995. A story she’s told was when she was 19 years old and had just moved to Los Angeles for as she said, “not even five minutes”. She was heading home carrying two bags with her. One of the bags had her money and the other bag had the lyrics to, “Jagged Little Pill”, which had not yet been recorded. 

A thief was following her and came at her with a gun. She felt enormous panic and fear praying that this person would not take the bag that had her “Jagged Little Pill” lyrics. Guess which bag he took? He took the bag with her money and not the bag that had her lyrics for “Jagged Little Pill”, an album that was bought by nearly almost everyone on the planet when it came out. It ended up selling over 33 million copies. It’s been on numerous top best selling lists and currently sits as the 12th highest selling album of all time in history. What if the thief had taken her work instead of the money? There was a reason he was prompted to take the money instead of the art. At that time she was broke and had not become a financially successful artist yet. The money that was taken was all of her funds.

It was interesting that she was relieved that the money was stolen and not the lyrics. As a creative artist, I understand how the art overtakes the money. I was working on my computer when out of a clumsy reflex, I smacked my tea which fell onto the keyboard. Within minutes the computer shut down and did not turn back on. My heart raced with panic. This was not because I would have to shelve out money for another computer, but because I had spent the week producing so much writing work that I worried it was gone for good. There is no way I could repeat my work word for word. I hadn’t yet transferred the work out onto a flash drive for back up as I do pretty regularly. I know this is not the same as being robbed, but the point was that the money was less of an issue over losing my work. And luckily, the computer was able to be saved by “Apple” as well as my work for a very low fee and much less than anticipated.

I met Alanis and had a conversation with her back in 1999 when I was working on the film production for Warner Bros. called, “The Perfect Storm”. I was taken aback by how intelligent and spiritually zen she was and came off. A very compassionate, loving, humble and warm soul. A link to the Jagged Little Pill CD:

~  Kevin Hunter

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