Shining a Light of Peace on Paris, France and the World after the horrific Paris Attacks

Sending light into the lives of friends, family, my brothers, sisters and all those affected by the tragedy that took place in Paris, France. The violent death toll has taken the lives of so many innocent people.

This is an example of the darkness of ego in top form. Unfortunately, it is only the beginning and it will continue to grow. The world is at war and the planet has never been balanced thanks to those filled up with darkness. The planet has always been at war, but it’s appearing to be particularly heightened because of the rapid way that information travels through the universe online. Peace has always been desired, but it is a struggle for many to obtain. This attack was religious driven by misguided dark souls.

Many lose faith when they witness others behaving badly.   They understandably have questions. The Paris attacks is nothing compared to the other atrocities that will be coming. God is not letting this happen and it’s not for his entertainment.   Neither he nor any other spirit being can stop people from committing heinous acts. They can warn human souls, but if people are not paying attention to their guides and angels then there is only so much they can do. They do their best to stop someone from desiring to inflict harm on themselves or others before ones time, but that soul is so far gone and blocked, they have no connection to God. Those souls are not in tune and paying attention to this guidance. This was partly why I write some of the books that I do. It is to help people get into soul shape. It is to assist those interested in fine tuning themselves and paying attention to what’s around them. If everyone listened to their Spirit team then there would be peace on Earth.

Heaven can protect those who communicate with them and request their help, but no one did in this unfortunate attack.   This was also a concert hall with alcohol and distractions and blocks that prevented all of those people from picking up on that something wasn’t right. This doesn’t make it okay, but warnings were implemented into their consciousness. This is why its insisted that people be as clear-minded as possible.

All spirit souls have an ego except for the Angels and Archangels. But the ego is expanded the while in a human body and in the Earth plane. If these terrorist baby souls don’t know how to control it, then this is what happens. The darkness of ego is unleashed. I talk about this in my book, “Darkness of Ego“. I also stated in that book that Isis terrorists would continue to grow even bigger. They won’t be stopped for a while. In my, “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” book I explain that Earth is a school.   That’s why the ego is inflated. It is so that people learn through life experiences to expand, grow and evolve.   The ego tests them so they can become accustomed to control it by smartening up and paying attention and learning to treat others with respect and love full time. The world has seen spiritual gurus and Buddhists put themselves through rigorous training to become detached to the drama and unnecessary triviality.   Then the soul can move to higher dimensions and destinies.

The view from Heaven is there is no death the way some on Earth believe death to be.   Heaven is saddened to see these dark souls behave this way and be so out of touch with the real reality. But so many souls are out of touch and not connected as it is.   They’re obsessed with what’s going on in the physical world and with each other. Many have no faith in anything beyond this world. It’s all about taking the deadliest sins to the extreme with greed, envy, lust, pride or wrath.   All of these are blocks from becoming a stronger and more powerful soul. Wielding a knife or a gun doesn’t make you powerful.

Some want to remove blocks to be more psychic and be able to tell the future, but that’s not the main reason anyone should desire to remove blocks. Fortune telling only has a probable percentage of coming true anyway since most human souls act out on free will.   Removing blocks opens up these communication lines with the individual soul’s team, so when a warning of danger is dropped into their consciousness, then they can extricate themselves out of there.   If they are a murdering terrorist with some kind of vengeful wrath and vendetta, then they will pick up on that guidance to stop.

The world witnesses human souls behaving badly and it’s God who is blamed, but the only ones wreaking havoc are the human souls themselves. God may have created the planet and the universe, but he didn’t invent beer, guns or buildings, cars, computers, phones and other distractions that have cut off the God supply and the communication line to ones own spirit.

This is a tragedy that happened in Paris, France, but should serve as a reminder of how desperately peace on Earth is needed. Many in the world are sick of it and want it to stop.   A catastrophe happens on the planet as a wake up call and everyone joins together. It becomes a hot trending topic, but then after days of it being the biggest story, people get back to their lives and forget all about it until the next big catastrophe is brought to light to talk about.   The world cares for a minute and then moves on to another hot story.   There are super bad, dark souls in humankind causing a lot of problems. Some of them are these murdering terrorists, but this darkness is threaded in innocent souls as well through bullying and antagonizing those around them.

As I mentioned with the Paris attacks, it was religious driven, it was Isis related and it will only continue to grow.  Sending out prayers for peace and light on the world daily to put a stop to the darkness of ones ego.

~  Kevin Hunter

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