Your skin breathes in all of the pollutants and toxins in the air around you

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When I see the human skin through clairvoyance, it is covered with little cell like mouths all over every inch of your body.  It breathes in the pollutants in the air, sucks in the energy of other people, and becomes clogged and closed up whenever any form of toxins hit it.  Your skin craves the thirst from touch.  It inhales the vibrations in its surroundings.  Taking care of your skin and your body as much as possible is necessary.

This means checking out the kinds of soaps, shampoos and lotions you use to ensure they’re not damaging.  It is watching what you ingest into your body.   Some use natural essential oils, which are derived from plants.  When anything touches your skin, then these cells drink all of that in.  Therefore ensure that what you’re putting on your skin isn’t toxic.   Touching others also awakens these mouths over the skin.   This can be through a lovers or friends touch or by the hands of a masseuse.    This is intending to mean anyone who knows how to massage someone else whether it is a friend or lover.  I’ve seen little kids playing around and massaging their mother’s shoulders after a long day at work.   This is beyond a massage therapist, even though a professional massage therapist is ideal if it’s something you are able to afford.

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~  Kevin Hunter

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