The Hermit. Tarot Lesson Basics.

(Card from the “Tarot Illuminati” deck)

The Wise One Hermit holds a lantern to light his way in the cold snow storm. The moon represents his psychic intuition and the mountain back drop signify growth. When the Hermit shows up in a reading, it can be telling someone that they’re spending too much time alone or that they’re not spending enough time alone.

Every now and then it is necessary to have some alone time for introspection and soul searching. When you’ve been through a rough and challenging time, it’s best to break away and be by yourself to clear your mind and allow your Spirit team to work on you. The gifted and the ultra sensitive have no problem being alone and in fact revel in the opportunity. But then there are those who go crazy whenever they are alone as they crave constant human stimulation, attention, and interaction. Having too much human attention and interaction can distract one from delving deep into themselves for the answers that await.

The flip side meaning of this card is that it can be warning you that you’ve been experiencing too much isolation and you need to get out there and mingle again. Isolation brings on stagnancy and loneliness, which are feelings that block heavenly messages.

The purpose of the Hermit is that one needs to have regular bouts of alone time to connect, which brings on guidance and soul enhancing assistance. Once that’s established and gained, then it’s okay to get back out there and balance it out with stimulation. This cards meaning can be that it’s time for self discovery or meditation.

This is another card that can represent someone who is a Wise One. They have no problem being alone and will often prefer it. They have spent lifetimes mastering their soul and increasing the never ending reserve of knowledge only to pass it on to those who are ready. Many shun the material world and head off into sabbatical’s alone for personal growth.

If this card is pulled for a love relationship, then it can indicate that one or both partners needs some solo alone time. This isn’t to be confused with the relationship being over. Some couples spend every waking moment together and separate alone time is advised from time to time to re-connect with yourself. It’s like a warrior at battle who retreats to recharge and then returns stronger than before. When there are disagreements or discord in any type of relationship, then this card can be advising one to stop and walk away from it. Time to be alone for awhile to cool off.

This card can also show a couple who is always alone with one another and doesn’t have a big social life outside of their connection. And they likely prefer it that way or don’t have a huge desire to expand. The Hermit in a love relationship read isn’t necessarily positive or challenging, but it typically can point to space being needed on some level where insight will enter the picture.

~  Kevin Hunter

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