The Full Moon tonight is a great time to release in order to manifest

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The Super Full Moon is in Taurus on 10/26-10/27. A Super Full Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth in proximity so it appears larger than a typical Full Moon. This week it is hanging out in the sign of Taurus. This means there is a heavy focus on the material and the sensual. The Full Moon is a great time to release in order to manifest, so pay special attention to what you no longer want in your life in order to release it. You can do this through having an intention. Writing it down and then destroying it or mentally, verbally stating that you release something. Then move into listing what you actually do want. This week is especially strong where manifesting is concerned due to Halloween being right around the corner this weekend. The energy is especially powerful in planting the seeds of your desires. Taurus loves to be comfortable, so there will be a rise in feelings and longings of desires that bring you comfort. This will be directed toward material, financial, beauty and sensual comforts.

~  Kevin Hunter

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