Men’s Sexual Fantasies Submissions Being Accepted by Kevin Hunter

Do you have any personal sexual fantasies?  How about sexual fantasies that have come true?   I am currently collecting your personal sexual fantasy stories for those interested in sharing them.  Everyone has sexual fantasies even those who are “anti” anything sex related.  Most people keep those fantasies to themselves for fear of judgment or looked upon in a negative light by those closest to them.  That will not be the case with me.  Sexual fantasies are sometimes deep and dark, while other times beautiful to offensive and crude.

The focus is on men’s sexual fantasies since we live in a world that prompts them to keep it to themselves even amongst their own friends.    I am also accepting stories from women as well too, which may or may not be woven in as needed.  Although this is for entertainment purposes, this is also to have a greater understanding of how ones sexual fantasies have been modified and altered as time has progressed.   Sexuality is in your face every second and this plays a part in how sex is viewed in the world.

If you just want to share your story, but do not want it to be used in any form except for my eyes only, then let me know not to use it.  Include details that you feel are relevant such as your gender, sexual orientation, age, relationship status, background, faith based interests, country/state/city you live in, etc.  Also if you feel it’s relevant include the first time you masterbated, lost your virginity as well as how you feel about your appearance and how that’s played a part in your sex life.

I am an open receptive sponge allowing others to share their private sexual fantasy stories with the understanding that if I choose to share it in a future book that it will be used anonymously.  People are much more open when they know they can share these personal things without judgment.  I’ve heard everything over the course of my life so I’m not fazed by content.

To submit your story of any length, please send it in the body of your email (no attachments please) to: along with a sentence giving Kevin Hunter and Warrior of Light Press permission to edit and publish your story, should we decide to use it at some point anonymously guaranteed.

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