The Fairy Tarot Deck message for the weekend is Ten of Autumn

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(This is a sample card image from the “Fairy Tarot Deck” by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. The cards are similar to the “Angel Tarot Deck”, meaning they have the same coloring, card stock and formula. This makes it flawless in merging both decks together for additional guidance, information and messages.)

The card for the next 3 to 5 days is the Ten of Autumn (Pentacles). I did a triple check at different points throughout the day to ensure accuracy and this card flipped over each time. As I’ve always told others, “The cards don’t lie.”

I’m being told this is about achievement since we’ve had testy energies since July with the Venus and Mercury Retrogrades. It has been several months of reflection and releasing. This ended days ago and we’ve been transitioning into a period of successful completion this past week. Now that you’ve cleaned house literally and metaphorically, it’s time to celebrate. Catch up or spend a relaxing fun time with friends, a loved one, or family through the weekend. Or do something fun for yourself, you deserve it! It’s been a rough few months, but look at that as growth success. What typically follow a rough time are rewards, blessings and fresh beginnings. Receive all of that in the right spirit. This is also a message of incoming positive abundance, whether it’s financial compensation or inner growth with your spiritual success.

Now through the weekend is a time of dedication, stability, loyalty and promises made, so if there is someone you’ve been interested in or a project you’ve wanted to move forward with, this card is the go ahead to make that commitment now. The planets are aligned and this is a perfect time to move forward with anything you’ve been thinking about. Have fun, some good times, celebrate, commit and be happy.

(I will include higher quality sample images and review of this deck in the coming weeks.)

~  Kevin Hunter

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