Calling All Spiritual Teachers and Spiritually Based Parents of Teenagers and Young Adults

One of my upcoming books is a spiritually based book geared towards young people and teens. It will still be for all audiences, but marketed to young people as a beginner’s guide. For all the teachers and parents out there, if there are things that you would love to see in a book like that, then please feel free to message me privately and I’ll see what I can do if it’s not already in there. The book is complete and with my editor, but it’s not locked and in the can yet. I’m using this opportunity to continue hearing feedback from those who care about something like this.

As most know, spiritual teachings don’t exist in the schools around the world. There are exceptions and they are the rare few. They produce well adjusted, well rounded, compassionate people who use less ego than others do. Religious teachings may include enforcing low self esteem, guilt, fear, hate and worry. Those are useless emotions that are not aligned with God.  They also cause irreparable damage that holds someone back. Mathematics, History and Geometry is great, but that doesn’t teach you anything about the basics in navigating through ones life effectively on a day-to-day basis.

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~  Kevin Hunter

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