The Chariot. Tarot Lesson Basics.

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(Card from the Tarot Illuminati”)

“The Chariot” tarot card points to victory and accomplishment.  This message also reveals swift and rapid movement towards something.  Because this is the movement card, it can therefore indicate a vacation on the horizon or a road trip and even moving residences.  It might be a message guiding you to take a trip.

This card says that you need will power, determination, extreme focus and dedication with whatever your question is.  You will reach victory only if you do something about it.  If you have an interest in someone, then make a move and talk to them.  If you want to open up a successful business, then go for it.  The message in this card tends to point positively in your favor pending that you take action.  What you want will happen, but you will need to put in some effort.  It is the card of triumph should you put in that effort.   Will the new store I opened do well?  This card shows that it will be a major positive accomplishment and a success.  You have determination to make it happen, therefore it will.  Will I obtain the love I desire?  This card says yes, the lover you desire is on its way and coming into your vicinity rather quickly.  This person will be determined to connect with you.  Or it can be you will be determined to connect with them.

The Chariot in a love relationship read isn’t exactly the most romantic, but it’s also not necessarily negative.  The challenges to this card are that the metaphorical image of the Chariot riding quickly forward means that there will be bumps on the road.  You will overcome them with perseverance.  If you’re single and inquiring about some traits that an incoming love interest might have, then the Chariot shows them to be a successful person.  They are someone always on the go, moving forward, innovative, loyal and with strong force of will.  They might even be a workaholic.  If a relationship with someone just ended, then this card message is instructing you to toughen up and continue on with your life in the right spirit.   You will get through it.

If you’re wondering how a relationship will go, then it depends on the surrounding cards.  If there is a challenging card such as the Eight of Cups following The Chariot, then this can show rapid movement towards a disappointing and sad ending to a connection.  If it’s a Ten of Cups, then this is rapid movement towards a strong romantic commitment.  The Ten of Pentacles can show movement into a new place together.  Or one of you may be moving closer to the other.

In the image of this card, the man sits upright, strong, bold and centered as he directs the chariot forward.  One of the horses is black while the other is white showing duality, opposites, moving in different directions.  If your relationship is rocky or you’re not sure where you two stand and this card shows up, then this can be saying that strength of will is required by both partners in order to make the connection succeed.  It may even indicate that you both have a determination and interest to re-ignite the flames in the connection.  It might also point to you both being opposites.  This duality has you both taking off in different directions.   You love each other, but you’re vastly different. Compromise is needed to meet somewhere in the middle to make it work.  The card says it is possible.

~  Kevin Hunter

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