The Mercury Retrograde has created a testy week!

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Have you survived the first day of the Mercury Retrograde? It’s been testy out there this week. It might feel as if you’re dangling off the side of a cliff or struggling against resistance. You could be overwhelmed dealing with one issue after another. The next three weeks are a time to take it easy and relax as much as possible. Roadblocks will be plentiful now so it’s best to keep action items at a minimum. Give yourself extra time when travelling and expect that there will likely be hiccups with whatever you’re working on. Have patience, exercise, drink plenty of water, laugh, catch up with old friends, head into a nature setting to clear your mind, don’t take anything too seriously and sleep more. Use this time to your advantage by re-structuring and re-organizing pieces of your life. It’s safe to move forward with anything new after October 10th.

~  Kevin Hunter

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