Mercury Retrograde is back! Keep your distance, relax, and use this time to clean house both literally and metaphorically

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Are you all ready for another Mercury Retrograde? Weeeee. Planet Mercury is slowing down to a crawl as it preps for backwards motion beginning Thursday September 17, 2015. The side effects are already being felt. Attitudes are rising, misunderstandings, poor communication, sour sluggish moods, technical issues, car problems and delays, delays, delays!

The best way to survive a Mercury Retrograde is to keep your distance, relax, and use this time to clean house both literally and metaphorically. Anything with ‘re’ in the phrase is a clue as to what to do. Re-lax, re-focus, re-view, re-vise. Or spend the next three weeks doing what this guy is doing in my photo. Chill out. Since pushing forward will likely be met with errors and resistance.

Hold off on moving forward with serious conversations until after October 10, 2015. You will be tempted to get into it with others too since misunderstandings and taking things the wrong way are going to be high until then. Unnecessary arguments about what someone said will be pretty common for the next three weeks. No matter what any party says they’ll be unable to see the other person’s point of view. Know that it’s planetary and leave it alone. Most of the someone’s tune has changed once Mercury moves forward. They realize then that they might have overreacted and can’t understand why. It’s Mercury baby – the planet that effects communication, electronics and transportation. All of those things go haywire when Mercury is Retrograde.

~  Kevin Hunter

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