Venus Moves Direct This Week; Nostalgic Reflections and Past Relationship Connections Pop Up for Evaluation

The planet Venus is prepping to move direct after being Retrograde since July. Relationship connections that have been on testy ground tend to break apart and end for good during the Venus Retrograde. This is anything involving two or more people such as friendships, acquaintances, business partnerships, family, or love relationships. This is a time of evaluating these connections and deciding if it’s time to dissolve those unions. Maybe they’ve been toxic connections or they’re no longer compatible with your values. 

Although Venus is beginning to move forward this week, things will still be sketchy for a couple of weeks. It’s not uncommon for these relationship connections to end after Venus moves forward. In fact, it’s wiser to wait until after Venus moves direct, because then you know for sure that this is what you want to do. When Venus is Retrograde, there is a haze over ones perception. Some tend to hastily end a connection only to regret it when that fog has lifted. You know for sure you want to end a connection if you’re still feeling it when Venus is direct. It is also safe to move forward with someone new.

The message in this card that popped up solidifies what I just explained about the last six weeks. This has been a time of focus on those from the past who may have popped up or you’ve reached out to them. This card is about being nostalgic and being prone to reminiscing and reflecting over how far you’ve come and the direction you’d like to go in next. The direction can be about your perception on certain issues. This is where you might have evolved out of a rigid way of viewing things and being open to seeing things in a new light. Relationships from the past continue to be highlighted this week as you decide where you’d like to go with them.

~  Kevin Hunter

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