My Near Death Experience Excerpt Into the Spiritual Transition. Kevin Hunter.

In November 2010, my mother, who is Clairvoyant and Clairsentient, had a dream where I had died. She was filled with so much grief and loss not knowing what to do about it. The three weeks leading up to that dream, I was battling a severe work out infection that was incredibly painful every second. I could not move or walk unless absolutely necessary. Every step was met with severe pain that shot through my body.

By week three, the night she had the dream, I finally decided to ask for help. At that moment, I lost consciousness and passed away for what felt like hours, but in Earth time was a nanosecond. I soared out of the darkness and over the clouds which were bursting with light and surrounded by spirits who were in a physical body, but not a human physical body. They all stood spread out over the clouds as I traveled past them smiling as I knew they were my team. There were so many of them. I headed directly to what looked like an extremely tall lamp post. It was the only thing dark and ominous in the distance, but as I grew closer to it I noticed the light around it growing larger. It was Archangel Michael who towered about 50 feet. He said, “We’re working on it.”

I soon regained consciousness and looked around me. I was laying on the bed back in my body, but feeling eerily elated. The consistent pain I had felt for three weeks straight began to evaporate. A euphoric high came over me and suddenly I was ‘seeing’ things clearer and in ways that I had not paid attention to much before. I felt different, altered, changed and empowered. I was touching my arm repeatedly as it was strange to me. I knew without a doubt that nothing was going to be the same moving forward. I pressed my hands on my head noticing that a download of endless data and information had been uploaded into my soul somehow. I looked around and knew that the portal had cracked permanently open. I also knew that it was time for me to talk about them more. It was time for me to use the gifts that I have in a positive way.

This was a near death experience where I had died, but not the permanent human death that my mother dreamt of. Clairvoyant visions often need to be interpreted and decoded to come to the real meaning of the message that is being delivered. Days later, my father passed away abruptly and without warning. Although I say, ‘without warning’, those close to me recall it differently. When I notified each of them of his death, they all said separately and very matter of fact, “But you had said about six months ago that you kept getting that he would pass away suddenly this year.” Of course I often say things that end up happening, but when I say them I don’t think too much of it, until it happens and others who heard the information point it out.

Near death experiences are not terribly common or uncommon. Those who have had one will typically go through something painful and agonizing that leads them to this experience. When they come to, they’re not quite the same anymore. They see things, life, and people differently than they did minutes before the death. They understand their purpose. Their psychic gifts are stronger. The near death experience takes that soul down a completely different path that they normally would not have done months before or believed they would head down a decade prior. Even if they had a hunch it would lead to that. The experience shakes up the individual that alters their course where they now ‘know’ what they must do. It’s like night and day where they were working at a job they always loved, but the experience snaps them out of it and it is no longer interesting to them. The type of friendships they once gravitated towards are no longer an attraction to them. They see things in a more profound way and they immediately get to work. They know what they must do.

I go into much more detail of the events leading up to the near death experience and the official spiritual transition and transformation in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”:

~  Kevin Hunter

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