The Lovers. Tarot Lesson Basics.

(Card from the Tarot Illuminati”)

Tarot Lesson: The Lovers card is about balancing the light and dark, as well as the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. The basic meanings of this card are either ‘love’ or ‘choice’. This can show a deep loving bond between you and someone else. It’s a strong physical attraction that goes beyond lust, but rather is an all encompassing love connection where the love exists on every level possible. If there is a perfect love, then “The Lovers” is it.

While “The Lovers” card is the deep love relationship card in some Tarot reads, other times this has to do with choices or a major decision needing to be made. This is a Major Arcana card so the choice would be something that will effect ones long term trajectory. 

If this is a relationship read about someone already in the picture where you feel there is a disconnect or you’re at odds with them, then this card can be telling you that communication is needed to bring forth a stronger bond. It can be showing you that your love partnership is a big part of the basis of who you are. If you’re single, this card is good news that a love partner is on its way into your life. This is a happy love partner card so it will be someone you are deeply compatible with or who compliments you if it is an opposites attract set up. If you were to be getting together with your ex who you still have feelings for and you receive this card, then this card would point to the meeting being positive. You both grow closer while getting together.

You have a crush on someone and wonder the feeling is mutual. When you pull this card, then this is confirmation that your crush is attracted to you as well. While this is a promising card that there is potential for this to lead to marriage or a long term relationship, the surrounding cards in a bigger spread can assist in showing you where this connection would be projected to go.

There is usually an angel depicted on this Tarot card overlooking the two people on Earth. This is a divinely guided, orchestrated and an inspired connection. It is a love soul mate and one that is intended to connect with you. If you’re dating around and this card comes up then it shows that you need to make a choice on one partner. This card also indicates a passionate sexual connection, one that is connected in harmony and bliss. For the most part this is a positive card unless of course it falls upside down or reversed, then it would be the opposite of harmony.

~  Kevin Hunter

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