Super Full Moon in Pisces Saturday, August 29, 2015. Profound Psychic Insights Move to the Front.

The Moon will be at its fullest on Saturday, August 29th. This is no ordinary Full Moon, but a Super Full Moon in Pisces. Pisces is the deepest most profoundly psychic sign in the zodiac wheel. An evolved Pisces effortlessly peers through the veil of the unseen. When others shy away or fear the dark, Pisces naturally does the opposite and dives down into the depths of darkness without concern and pulls out what is hidden for all to see.

When the Moon moves to its fullest in the sign of Pisces you can expect tons of intensity on every level. Psychic hunches will be at its highest in all souls. The Full Moon turns its bright spotlight directly onto all secrets both good and bad. There are blessings and challenges with this transit. You may have already been sensing or picking up on some rock and roll within yourself or in others this week.

If something has been bothering something about someone close to them for some time, they may not be able to control themselves and will blurt it out almost recklessly. Take caution before you speak because once the Full Moon energy dissipates, so do your motives. You may later regret having spoken out of turn.

This Super Full Moon in Pisces will intensify all emotions more than any other Pisces. If one is typically depressed, this moon will blow that depression up. Anger will be magnified. People will be more sensitive than usual. The way to survive a Super Full Moon in Pisces is to remember to always be compassionate. Pisces turns into a furious stormy rage when someone doesn’t exude compassion or have heart.

We’re still in the Venus Retrograde transit so this is the final big weekend to do any remaining clearing and releasing of relationship connections that have not brought you happiness. Take advantage of this transit and pay detailed attention to the guidance and messages filtering into your soul. Anything or anyone that does not make your heart sing is what needs to be released now. Take it easy, hang around optimistic people, or head out into a quiet nature setting this weekend.

~  Kevin Hunter

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