Filming a scene in “The Deep End of the Ocean” with Michelle Pfeiffer

For those aspiring actors out there who love the process, here’s a brief glimpse into filming a scene.  In 1997, we shot “The Deep End of the Ocean” on several of the Universal Studios sound stages and on location throughout Los Angeles for six months.  The exterior of the house that actor Michelle Pfeiffer’s character lives in was shot in the Valley in Los Angeles.  I’ve known Michelle for almost twenty years.  Worked with her on and off for about seven of those years.

Actor, Treat Williams, played her husband and was in the driveway of the house hanging by the “picture car” organizing the luggage in the trunk.  A picture car is the characters car in a film.  Treat, the crew, and the cameras were set up outside in front of the house and on the street waiting for Michelle to emerge.

Michelle was in the house and stood by the door in the corner with her head down in a quick meditation.  She lifted her head and then paced back and forth abruptly moving her arms to get her adrenaline going.   An Assistant Director gave the instructions to roll sound and to cue the background.

Michelle came charging out of the house in a fast run to sneak up behind Treat and jumped up onto his back playfully.  He spun around smiling and held her up.  She was getting comfortable with him as if he were her real Husband.  The Director then yelled, “Action.”  Michelle smoothly slid off Treat’s back and right into character wrapping her arm around him.  They began the dialogue from the script and walked arm in arm down the driveway until the Director yelled, “Cut!”

The interior of the house was on one of the sound stages at Universal Studios.  The Studios tour tram would drive past the Production office that was in front of one of our stages.  Whenever the next tram would drive by, you would hear the tour guide say on the speaker, “It’s called, “the Deep End of the Ocean” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Whoopi Goldberg.”  You would hear the crowd on the tour cry out with excitement and then the flashes of their cameras would be popping.  It didn’t matter that they couldn’t see Michelle and Whoopi, they were just thrilled to be close enough to the action.

~  Kevin Hunter

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