The Process of Grounding Oneself; Grounding and How To. – Part 1

Grounding is the process of connecting to the physical world.   You can lose yourself if you float too far upwards into the next plane.  While this can be exhilarating, it is beneficial to find the right balance between the spiritual world and the physical world.  Grounding into the physical world helps you reap the benefits of the material world.  This isn’t saying to desire an over indulgence in material possessions, but there is nothing wrong with obtaining certain material necessities such as a home, family, car, etc.  When you’re not grounded, you can be feeling out of sorts, chaotic, anxiety ridden or unfocused.  Grounding helps you balance that out so that you’re clear minded, focused and full of life.

Grounding can be done easily and it’s free of charge.   In order to ground, find a place anywhere in nature, whether it’s a park, beach, desert, mountain or your own back yard.  Connecting with physical nature helps to ground you.  You can take a walk through these areas and breathe in deeply and exhale.  Allow the angels to work on grounding you as you stroll through a nature setting.   Take your shoes off and allow your body to connect the Earth by planting your bare feet on the ground.   This can be in the sand on a beach or on the grass in a park.   Visualize white light moving from below the earth and up through your body as you take deep breaths in.   Finding an area with no people if possible is extra effective, because you don’t have the tampering energies of the noise of the crowds.  It’s perfectly fine to be with a loved one or calming friend who is doing the same.   Working on a garden outside also helps to ground you.  You’re moving your spirit light into the Earth’s light as you work the physical world.  This merges the physical and spiritual part of you.  Part 1  (Part 2 ->

~  Kevin Hunter

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