Type A Personality; Steve Jobs, Madonna, Kevin Hunter; Virgo Rising in First House of Self, Gemini in 10th House of Career MidHeaven

Diary Journal entry.  Those in my circle and who know me better than anybody have affirmed numerous times that I can be tyrannical, tough and difficult, but that I’m also a huge crier. I’ve pulled the car over with tears streaming down my face and got out to vomit on the side of the road. The tears are produced when things don’t go my way or I’ve been running on empty with exhaustion. I’m bulldozing through the trenches to see something through to completion while crying in the process.

My birth chart has got the meticulous Virgo Rising and Gemini in the 10th House of Career. Ruthless, cold, and calculating people we are known to be at times, but extremely hardworking visionaries. Ironically, a friend pointed out that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, also has this same placement. Those that knew him protested over how tyrannical he could be one minute, but then the next minute he’s crying in business meetings, lost business negotiations, or deadlines missed.

The entertainer Madonna was also listed as having these same “astro” placements as us. No one can deny that she’s also a visionary, hardworking and demanding to the point of coming off like a tyrannical bully as well. In 2012, she was on a back to back 90 city tour that was physically demanding night after night. It was reported that before she would take the stage in a new city, she would conduct a prayer circle with the tour crew. There were nights in the prayer where she would break down crying through the words. She wasn’t crying because someone hurt her feelings or because the words were moving, but she was crying over physical exhaustion. There are days you want to stop and relax, but you have a job to do and you have to continue on. Quitting is not in your vocabulary.

There’s a connection to this “astro” placement and how authoritarian and ripping someone to shreds this person can be to also running themselves into the ground in tears. No one could accuse us all of not being hardworking perfectionists though. The crying illustrates how far in you’ve pushed to the point of breaking, and yet you don’t break. You keep going even when it hurts.

Someone I dated about ten years ago made a point to me of noticing this mixture of toughness and tears intertwined at the strangest times. It draws others in who are enamored by the intoxicating intensity we’re the words. Only a small handful can handle it. They’re typically strong as well since the weak never survive in this kind of atmosphere.

~  Kevin Hunter


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