The Emperor. Tarot Lesson Basics.

The Emperor card image taken from the Tarot Illuminati

The Emperor in the Tarot is all four King Court cards wrapped into one. He is the King of all Kings! He’s intelligent, communicative, driven, passionate, feeling oriented and practical. The Emperor is plopped up on his throne relaxed and content, yet completely in charge. He gazes at the world sitting in the cup of his hands as well as the cross around it which symbolizes his spiritual knowledge. The mountains surrounding him indicate his rock solid strength. This is someone others lean on for wisdom.

When the Emperor shows up in a read, this is someone who is an authority figure who can be your boss, a romantic interest, or even a helpful friend. Typically this is an older person, but it can be someone who is 30, wise beyond their years and successful. This is a grounded, protective and loyal individual who can be male or female. This can also represent a teacher, sage, Wise One.

If this read is about you, then the message is to be assertive, confident and to go after what you want. Allow no doubt or fear to enter your mind. The Emperor rules from logic, rather than the heart. He’s a thinker and a doer. The Emperor is difficult to impress and rules with an iron fist. He’s the guy or girl you see running corporations as CEO’s and executives. These are take charge kind of people. Take control of your life and use precise decision making. The Emperor message can tell you to get organized, create some structure around you, and be the leader your soul was born to be. This is someone who is fearless and doesn’t shy away from taking a risk. If you want to date someone, go after them and ask them out. If you want to start a new business, do it! This is a big yes card to whatever you’re asking about.

If you’re inquiring about a potential mate and what they’re like, then this card shows someone who values long term relationships and will commit. This is a successful, together on all levels kind of person. They value traditional connections that go the distance. This person is likely older than you. If they’re younger than you, then the key traits that person will have is they are extremely intelligent,. successful, and already established.

The Emperor is without fear, doubts, or hesitation. When he wants something, he goes after it. When you pull this card on you in regards to a question, then this is an example of what the message and guidance is telling you. Be confident, strong, have willpower, be a leader and commit. On the more challenging side, the Emperor can be possessive, strict, perfectionist, dominating and allows no room for mistakes.

~  Kevin Hunter

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