Full Moon and Venus Retrograde Calls for the Releasing of Toxic Connections and Addictions

Message for Friday thru Monday: It’s the blue Full Moon tonight in the middle of a Venus Retrograde. This is a time for releasing and letting go. Remove and release people, toxins, addictions, or anything that is not bringing you positive fulfillment or delaying you from getting to work.

Release anything that brings on negative feelings such as sadness, anger, depression, anxiety. This letting go process might be not what you expected or it’ll be forced if you’re resistant to it. The ego will have a tantrum and refuse to let go of something that has been toxic to your soul. There is no fighting it as it is for your own good. You are being called to hone in on what needs to be released and walk away.

The Venus Retrograde affects connections between two people. Mix that with the Full Moon and there will be tons of releasing around the world where relationships are concerned. Many will find that any union between two parties is being disbanded and dissolved. This can be love, friendship, colleague, acquaintance, family member, etc. Understand that not all connections are intended to last. They happen for a reason until the point becomes moot. This is when it is time to close the chapter on it. Connections that end at this time we’re either stale, already on unstable ground to begin with, or heading in the direction of completing. The Venus Retrograde/Full Moon basically opens the door and kicks you both out of it. Connections from the past may suddenly pop up to resolve and balance the karma or bury the hatchet. Receive it in the right spirit.

Whenever I pull from the Archangels deck on the Full Moon, I’m never surprised when my Spirit team has me flip over the “Moon Cycles” cards. I really do it as a little private joke. I say beforehand, “I’m gonna pull from this deck and I know you’re going to show me the Moon Cycles card.” One of my Spirit team members says into my ear in the middle of shuffling, “Stop”. I flip the card over and there it is.

“Eight of Raphael” is the other card I pulled from the Archangel Power Tarot. The woman is walking away in the image. She’s walking away from circumstances that have run its course, but she’s crossing a bridge to where Archangel Raphael awaits her. He will be guiding her to new destinies and circumstances. Release the old in order to invite something new and better into your life. If you hang onto what’s not working, then you’ll only delay matters.

~  Kevin Hunter


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