Cut Cords to what no longer serves you and your higher self

There are etheric cords which grow and form between yourself and any object you place your focus on, whether positive or negative. This object can be people, material items, or even your thoughts and feelings. Clairvoyantly this cord looks like a gasoline hose that is dark, dirty and wrapped in grey cobwebs. It drains your life force and lowers your vibration, especially if it’s negative.

This week is the perfect time to begin releasing and cutting cords to anyone or anything that is toxic, not of love, or of benefit to your higher self’s path. If you’re wondering what cords you need to release, then examine the negative emotions you’re feeling around anyone or anything. Are you feeling sad, depressed, argumentative, stressed or angry? Then whatever your upset is targeted to is what you need to release. Let it all go, release it or let them go. When you cut the cords and release it, then you open the door that brings in new good stuff! You also feel an uplifting surge of positive energy that raises your vibration. All you have to say is, “Archangel Michael please cut the cords between myself and (name of person, feeling, material object here)”

[ I delve deeper into Cord Cutting in my pocket book, “Raising Your Vibration”. ]

~  Kevin Hunter

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