The Chinese Oxen and Those Born in the Year of the Ox. Ruthless, bigoted, hardworking and intimidating people.

Ruthless, arrogant, authoritarian, bigoted, grouchy, intimidating people who move through a room like a bulldozer. These are only a handful of adjectives that describe those born in the year of the Ox such as myself. Yet, on the flip side, the Chinese Oxen are more loyal, steadfast, strong and hardworking than any other year born. That is until you show disrespect, cross or offend them in any way. Then you come face to face with the infamous Oxen rage and temper that dominates and freezes someone out cold. They’ll feel nothing in the process and they never forget.

In love, they prefer the long courtships since when they finally make up their mind; they stand by their love until the end of time. That is of course until you fuck it up, then enter in that notorious rage that eats one alive and spits them back out. Oxen are not moved by emotional scenes and turned off by victims. They have no problem letting them know either. Known for being stubborn and refusing to budge from their convictions, Oxen naturally make as many admirers as they do enemies due to their dominating direct and obstinate nature. Oxen are argumentative, demand respect, and stick to their guns. They speak their truth straight up no chaser whether you agree with them or not.

Some well known Oxen born all have similar traits: There are the actors from Meryl Streep to George Clooney. Then you have the cutthroat meanies such as Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein to Napoleon Bonaparte. There are also the comic geniuses such as George Carlin, Charlie Chaplin, Rick Gervais and Johnny Carson. Let’s not forget the Conservative commentators with a firm unbending stance on structure and rules such as Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. Then you have some strong women like Anna Wintour and Jane Fonda. And don’t let cutesy Disneyland creator oxen Walt Disney’s facade disillusion you. He was a merciless businessman and considered difficult at times by those close to him behind the gates of the happiest place on Earth.

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~  Kevin Hunter

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